• 产品名称: 1301

-90W motor with strong power

Disc-type rotating shuttle, bottom thread free from leading

●1301 electric household sewing machine (all-metal)
●Buttonholing, overlocking, button attaching, zipper attaching, cloth splicing, applique, double stitching and many other functions
●The most important feature: good thickness adaptability, application as a file bookbinding machine
●The same dimensions of handpiece and base plate as those of old sewing machines, applicable platforms of old sewing machines
●Net weight: about 14kg [it is suitable for setting up shops and manual workshops.]

【Rated power】90W
【Rated voltage】220V
【Dimensions】 (W)×(D)×(H)(mm)


3-thread Overseam 4-thread Overseam Dense Seam Joint Seam Hemming Seam





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